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Hello! This will be a shorter piece, but I just wanted to share a little move I made recently. Lately I moved to Ciudad de México (Mexico city)!

I plan to be here at least short-term for the next few months, to Ciudad de México and I'm super excited about it. To be clear when I say move, I'm staying in a long-term AirBnB, and still own my apartment in Dallas, TX. But for all intents and purposes, I am situated here, as I write this in a small café in CDMX.

My first week here

As I write this, I've been here for about a week now. My flight back to the United States is booked for March 31st so I've still got plenty of time to find things to do and experiences to... well, experience. I feel like I've already fallen into a bit of a groove. That can be both a good thing and bad depending on how you look at it.

The first order of business was to figure out how the working situation would be. Luckily this was was pretty easy to figure out. In the past, I visited Chicago and tried out using WeWork for the few weeks I was there. That ended up working out really well and I discovered WeWork has a pretty significant presence in CDMX, so I ended up signing up again for that. The 2 locations I swap between are both about a 15-25 minute walk away and have everything I could need to work comfortably without worrying. Fast Wi-fi, free drip coffee, phone booths, and a quiet environment when I need to take calls. Most times there are at least a few other extranjeros (foreigner) situated in these locations as well.

Visiting local café's is something I tend to treat myself to because I simply cannot resist a good mocha, and good coffee is not something you will be lacking here in México. I visited here for a short couple of days 2 years ago and simply could not wait to return simply for the coffee. I usually spend most of my workday through the mid-afternoon at WeWork, since this is what I consider my best focus time. Later I tend to close out my day at a coffee shop. My personal goal is always to finish at least one major task a day. This has worked well for me in my career so I didn't plan to stop doing so when I came here.

My evenings have been spent on a multitude of things. The first order of business was to find a gimnasio that I could attend because my health is always something I've considered important. I ended up lowering my expectations before coming here in terms of weightlifting with a focus on maintenance while focusing on cardio due to the amount of walking I do nowadays. I cannot overstate how much I love just walking through the city to work, play, etc. The fact that is even an option, whereas in Dallas this would be basically impossible with the state of public transportation and how far apart places are situation, overjoys me.

I think I've pretty quickly settled into a normal weekday life, and I'm definitely not a big party animal so I don't take part in many of the things most people expect foreigners to be doing. That being drinking, partying, etc. I have nothing against those activities but they don't interest me as much anymore. I've found my tolerance and lust for drinking and partying is much lower nowadays, to the point where I regularly go months without it, nor a desire to take part.

What's Next

I think this is becoming a trend I may keep up, ending my writings with what is to come. Or maybe it's just a natural way to end? Anyways...

I definitely still have some work to do when it comes to learning Spanish, especially when talking with native Spanish speakers. They can always generally understand me, which is great since I have been studying for almost 2 years now. I don't generally have trouble asking for things or getting my points across, but talking in an informal conversation where things move very fast is still a bit of a challenge. I do still find myself occasionally asking people to repeat themselves, which can be a bit demotivating, especially when they switch to English. But I trust that I will get better with time.

When I return to Dallas I will be close to the end of my lease, so I've considered planning a move or downsizing my life even more there, but we shall see.

Thanks for reading if you've read up to this point!