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Welcome to my humble blog.

My name is Joseph, as you probably can see from the header on the site (at least at the time of writing). And I plan for this site to contain my ramblings.

Why a blog?

I think about a lot of things, just like everybody else. But recently I thought I might as well write down the things I think of that I consider important. Like any other person I could record these in a notebook or some sort, but I decided I'd make it a bit more permanent by putting them on a blog. Besides, somebody else might find my thoughts interesting!

About Me

A little bit of fun facts about me to kick things off.

  • At the time of writing I'm 28 years old
  • I was born in the Hayward, California in the United States
  • I lived in Oakland, California until I was 18
  • I currently live in Dallas, Texas
  • I have lived in California, New York, and Texas
  • I currently work as a Software Developer, mostly focused on UI and Frontend Development.

I had an interesting college story. I went to University of California, Santa Cruz for 1 year before transferring to Polytechnic New York University.

At the time NYU Poly was in the middle of being integrated with NYU Proper. It is now known as NYU Tandon and officially a part of NYU as far as I know rather than simply being a sister school.

I went to school there for a year before transferring right back to University of California, Santa Cruz due to financial constraints in order to finish out my university studies. My major was all over the place but I think I'm happy with where I ended up. Though I will admit that at the time of my studies I absolutely hated my courses. It wasn't until I discovered UI development that I found something I enjoyed.

  • (Begin) Physics
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Mathematics
  • (End) Computer Science

Where do we go from here?

I plan to blog and maybe sometimes rant about the things that go on in my mind. For example my experience learning Spanish, travelling, code, failures and successes, etc.

Whether anybody reads or not isn't necessarily top of mind. Maybe eventually I'll also put fun little projects here just to display.

Thanks for reading!